Why a High Carat Diamond?


Show Her Just How Much She Means To You With a 2 Carat Diamond


A two carat diamond is a rare and high class gemstone that is far more breathtaking than its 1 or 1.5 carat equivalents. Let's be perfectly clear, a spectacular diamond of this magnitude may require a couple months of your salary if not more. These diamonds will always be a significant investment both literally and figuratively. A two carat diamond is nearly always purchased for only the most important occasions in life. A woman who receives a gem of this beauty and value will have no doubts about how much she means to her man.



Getting engaged to your true love will likely be the most important event in both of your lives. Considering the importance of the occasion, many men consider the monetary cost only a secondary factor. Nothing will convey your true feelings and prove beyond any doubt how important she is to you better than an incredible two carat diamond engagement ring.



2 carat diamond princess cutAt James Allen, Find the Best Two Carat Diamonds


At James Allen you can surprise her with your own custom designed diamond ring or let her build her own! With real 3 dimensional images in HD of the actual diamonds, James Allen is the best source to purchase diamonds online. Additionally, due to greatly reduced overhead, buying a diamond online is considerably cheaper than purchasing the equivalent stone in a brick and mortar business while the full 3D images and no-questions-asked return policy makes it simple and painless.



2 Carat Diamond Sizes

Due to its size, a two carat diamond will always be far more impressive than a single carat stone. However, diamonds and rare gemstones are hand cut so there is no single universal size or set of dimensions for a 2 ct diamond. The carat weight itself is the diamond's raw mass. The international standard for a 2 carat diamond is 400 milligrams (0.4g). The cut is what determines the stone's precise physical dimensions from any given angle. For example, viewed from the top, a brilliant round 2 ct diamond cut (by far the most popular cut) will be an impressive 8.1 to 8.2 mm in diameter when cut to ideal proportions. Other cuts like the more rare Marquise cut will appear even larger. An ideal Marquise cut 2 carat diamond viewed from the top will be a massive 13×6.5 mm. Refer to the following chart for the actual sizes of two ct diamond cuts:


2 Carat Diamond: Cut Size Chart (PDF)


Price of a Two Ct Diamond Ring

As with most rare gemstones, the value of a diamond rises much faster than its carat weight. This is because larger diamond gemstones are considerably more rare, particularly in good color and clarity grades. This means a 2 carat diamond will always be more than twice the value of an equivalent single carat diamond. A mid to high grade two carat diamond will run well into the 5 digit USD range ($10,000+). Given this price range, 2 carat diamonds are most commonly purchased for life-changing events such as wedding engagement rings or to commemorate important anniversaries. However, seen from another angle this hefty price-tag may also be a wise investment…


Two Carat Diamond as a Smart Investment

Although less often considered, a 2 carat diamond is an equally solid financial investment. This class of investment is known as a tangible asset and has a number of advantages. Tangible assets are protected from market collapse, inflation, currency changes, and bank bankruptcy. They hold their value internationally, are tax free, require no maintenance, and in the case of diamonds, are a prestigious luxury item.


Due to the possibility of unforeseeable future events, smart investment practices always require financial diversity. A two ct diamond is one of the best tangible assets you can get. Prices of rare diamonds will nearly always hold their value and more likely, rise steadily over time. This is even more significant now with increasing global affluence and a greater demand for luxury goods in many flourishing foreign economies. In unforeseen future circumstances, if you end up selling your beautiful 2 carat diamond, you will likely be surprised at how its value has grown.



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