Fine Jewellery and Unique Styles

Halo Engagement showcases rare diamonds, styles, and gemstones which stand out from the crowd to match you or your loved one's unique style and character. Our styles are primarily diamond jewelry and engagement rings for women but we also have a detailed article on men's rings covering a number of commonly overlooked considerations. Our articles go over everything you need to know about both conventional and less common gemstones, diamonds, cuts, settings, bands, and more. The following is an overview of some of the options we present.


Canary Diamonds

The Canary is the most vivid yellow diamond. It will look amazing as a solitaire diamond with any setting that maximizes brilliance. The canary works well both in white gold or platinum to contrast the vived yellow. However, canaries can be more costly than normal white diamonds due to rarity.


Champagne Diamonds

Chocolate brown diamonds, also known as champagne diamonds, are another unconventional color pick that can look stunning in the right ring or jewelry piece. Unlike canaries, the appeal to chocolate diamonds is not due to their brilliance but their unique color and shade. The chocolate champagne diamond is at once stunning, beautiful, unconventional, yet disarming and down-to-earth. These stones do not need to be in solitaire rings and will also look amazing in smaller settings like channel or when contrasted against white or black diamonds.


Marquise Cut

The Marquise cut diamond is a fairly rare cut that fits well for longer slender fingers. The 56 facet cut has origins dating back to 18th century France. The cut also maximizes apparent size of the diamond carat to give the effect of a larger stone. However, cut incorrectly, the beautiful marquise will begin to lose brilliance.


Pear Shaped Cut

The pear or tear drop diamond another beautiful and less common cut, similar to the marquise. It can make a beautiful diamond solitaire or also works well pave set diamonds. As with the marquise, it is important keep the teardrop diamond cut in certain ratios so that it will not lose any brilliance. More details on this can be found in the main article.


Paraiba Tourmaline

This rare Brazilian tourmaline has one of the most unique blue-green colors in the gemstone world. There is no other natural color that can quite match it. Because of this, natural Paraiba tourmalines come with a high price tag though synthetic stones are much more affordable. Also see our tips to avoid buying a fake Paraiba tourmaline.


Men's Diamond Ring Styles

Dispite the wide range of options, there's not a lot of style tips for men's diamond rings. While rings for women are often solitaire diamond rings, men's styles will more often have smaller diamonds in more enclosed settings both for functionality and style. As a result, this makes them less costly than women's rings. We take a look at band type, settings, wardrobe, budget, and other factors to help you decide on the best men's rings.


High Carat Diamonds

Two carat diamonds and higher are breathtaking in solitaire engagement rings but obviously a significant investment. If you are considering a two ct diamond or higher, make sure you have covered all the bases for an informed decision, including the ring and setting.



Emerald engagement rings make a great alternative to the 'generic' white diamond. They also work in combinations with diamonds or other gemstones. Our emerald article also covers the ring styles and settings that emeralds are particularly striking in.


Art Deco Rings

The art deco engagement ring is a great style for a confident woman. However, the bold and geometric patterns in the style match well with certain wardrobes and personalities but do not fit everyone. The broad style also accommodates eclectic or wild combinations of diamonds and gemstones but is more commonly just white diamonds.


Princess Cut

The princess cut diamond is one of the top alternatives to the round brilliant (the most common diamond cut). It is a much newer cut but is just as brilliant and also has a better surface area ratio, making it appear larger for the same carat compared to the round cut. This symmetrical cut works well in a wide range of settings and in combination with other diamonds or gemstones.


Pave Setting

The pave setting is a beautiful setting that makes for a fairly low cost alternative to a solitaire diamond or a powerful complement. Like the name implies, the setting 'paves' the ring band in sparkly diamonds. There are a variety of different ways this can be done and pave settings work well in a number of styles.


VVS Brilliance

If you are looking for the maximum brilliance in a diamond, you don't need to go with flawless. To the naked eye, VVS and usually VS are identical to a 'perfect' flawless diamond but will be thousands less per carat. If you are looking for brilliance in a diamond, check out or VVS article which covers all brilliance grades for diamonds.