Buy Men’s Diamond Rings for Countless Occasions

Diamond rings are certainly not exclusive to women and men’s diamond rings can be purchased or given as a gift for any number of occasions. Besides a man’s wedding ring, other common examples include an anniversary, birthday or Valentine’s Day gift, or important promotion at work. Men’s diamond rings are often purchased and worn just for fashion without commemorating any specific occasion. It is also common for a woman to buy her man a diamond ring for any of the above reasons or simply as a token of love. This page will go over styles for men’s wedding rings and diamond rings so whether you are a woman getting your man a ring, or a man getting yourself a ring, you can be sure to get a ring that matches perfectly.

Where to Buy Diamond Rings for Men?

We’ll address this question first because it is probably the most important. Some people just enjoy shopping in brick and mortar stores but if you know the ring ring size, buying online is actually the smartest way to go by far. Online prices are far more competitive and therefore cheaper than brick and mortar stores and the selections are far greater. The one caveat is, only buy from merchants that offer a 30-60 day no-questions-asked free return guarantee. There is always the small chance the ring you choose just isn’t what you (or your man) thought it would be. It may seem like a small detail but don’t overlook this type of guarantee.


We have worked with numerous major wedding and engagement ring industry leaders online including Blue Nile but really, our #1 recommendation is James Allan: 

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If you check out their gallery of rings, you’ll immediately see why… There are real 3-dimensional images of the actual ring (we can’t show them here), their selection for men’s wedding rings, men’s anniversary rings, and just durable and great looking men’s rings is just as large as their selection for women’s wedding rings. And obviously as an industry leader, they offer all the great service and guarantees that you should expect buying online. Also, don’t overlook the obvious fact that a men’s ring listed as a wedding ring will be more than suitable for any other occasions like an anniversary.


Alternatively, if you’re looking for lower end men’s rings, there are some great deals on Amazon: 

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You won’t likely get the same quality as buying from a high-end industry leader but there are certainly some great deals to be found if you do your research.


Styles for a Man’s Diamond Ring

Diamond rings for men have a range of styles for different occasions, fashions, and price ranges. There are a number of different style considerations between a woman’s and mans diamond ring. A man’s diamond ring is often less extravagant with smaller diamonds in more enclosed settings. The band style and type of metal can also be an important consideration. An ornate mans diamond ring can project a powerful aura of confidence and style if it fits with the rest of his fashion and personality. On the other hand, a simpler more minimalistic style will look great on almost any man and will usually cost less too.

Metal in Men’s Diamond Rings

For the band of men’s diamond rings, metal can be just as important as style. Tungsten, titanium, or stainless steel may not be quite as flashy as the more precious metals but they are stronger and much more resistant to scratching. Depending on a man’s lifestyle and line of work, these metals may be a smarter choice for some mens diamond rings than the more traditional gold, platinum, or sterling silver bands.

Tips for Choosing Men’s Rings

Selecting an ideal ring for a man can be just as difficult a process as a women’s ring but often for different reasons. When looking at different choices of men’s diamond rings, it is absolutely essential to consider the man who the ring is for even before looking at any of the rings. Here are some questions to consider when looking at different choices of men’s diamond rings.


1. What is the occasion and how much are you prepared to spend?

Men’s diamond rings are stylistically flexible than women’s rings but they should still match the occasion. Although certainly not a rule, significant occasions usually warrant a more extravagant ring style. On the other hand, high class men’s diamond rings purchased just as often without any special occasion, purely for the great sense of style they can add for a man.


2. What style will match with his usual wardrobe?

It is important to match a mans diamond ring with the styles and colors of suits or clothes he usually wears in public or at work. For instance, black diamonds are quite popular with mens diamond rings. On the other hand, strong contrasts done right can also project an aura of confidence and class.


3. What are the demands of his occupation, hobbies, and lifestyle?

For men who often do physical or manual labor, it is important to find a durable mans diamond ring. Generally this means a strong metal like tungsten or stainless steel that is strong and highly resistant to scratches. Also a more enclosed and protected setting will be less likely to get in the way while he is working. Consequently, these rings will usually have less and smaller carat diamonds.

On the other hand, a man who works in a business or other white-collar environment may prefer a more flashy diamond ring. An ornate gold or platinum band with a cluster-setting or larger diamond solitaire can match perfectly with a quality business suit.

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4. What style of ring will match his overall personality?

Men’s diamond rings are very dependent on the man who will wear them. Is he more introverted or extroverted? Is he conservative in style and convention or flamboyant and uninhibited by how others see him? Does he have unique flairs in his personality? Such considerations should directly relate to the overall style of the mans diamond ring. These will aide in deciding the color, carat, and number of diamonds on a ring, as well as the setting and type of metal. Besides white, black and brown diamonds are popular colors for mens diamond rings. However, other fancy colored diamonds are not uncommon either.

As always, if you can afford it then prioritize high grade diamonds whenever possible. This will also make your ring into a solid investment piece. However, diamond rings for men are usually considerably less costly than similar rings made for women. Men’s diamond rings usually have smaller diamonds which is why price is a less significant factor.

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